The world is out there, and photographers bring and beam the most marvelous pieces of it to the friends and neighbours who did not get a life impression of them yet. It is no longer necessary to move obelisks and unwrap mummies to show off with your collected curiosities. Rare artifacts and specimens are no longer stored in cabinets of wonders. Thanks to photography, the wonders can be left where they are and fans and followers can witness the miracles of the world through atmospheric photos.  

The curiosities of the world are no longer the freaks and foreigners. The most curious race on the planet is the rich, consuming European and American. Last year, Earth Overshoot Day was celebrated 1. August, meaning humanity overspend the natural resources five months a year, robbing future generations precious living space. Like in a cabinet of wonders from the old days, these Europeans and Americans, are best kept behind glass, sealed off from those spectators who breathe and live a sustainable life.

How much would we give for the possibility to lock up the outbursts of our industrial waste in a safe, transparent bubble? Although the experience does not last long, these photos give you the possibility to step behind the glass and keep distance to the crazy rumble for a second or two.