Connecting with new people in real life means making a good first impression. To have success, according to Woody Allen, you have to be around, but I believe smiling and making eye contact are necessary ingredients for getting in touch too. So, getting my sun glasses down was the first thing I did when entering the jumble market in the 5. Vienna district looking for fascinating people to portray. I discovered not having my normal glasses with me, which lead to unsharp frames flooded with white areas. Nevertheless, the mood stayed up while working and I enjoyed being out there.

To transport mood, colour is the key, but why not leave this task up to your imagination? You decide if the hues on the T-shirt-flowers harmonize. You decide if the stripes on the twins are identical. You decide how far the photographed beards go astray from the traditional grey. Black&white is not just about bringing forward forms and texture, it is also about bringing reality back in photographic abstractions. Three portraits were left in their original fit to inspire you to recolour the troops.