“I believe it is the increasing wealth, which is fundamentally my main subject, that in the end will do us all in. You know, I am no exception, I live in a beautiful house, I have a lot of things, I buy everything I want. I am a big hypocrite. I am not going to sacrifice my wealth in order to save the planet, as indeed, anybody wealthy is prepared to do. At least, I am actually teasing out my guilty feeling about this by taking photographs about that subject. We sit in the west and think concerned photography should be about aids or the war in Irak. It is not the case. The main area of concern is the increasing wealth in the western world. The greed of you, and me, and all those watching this video.” This is what Martin Parr said when he was asked in a Dutch 2011 documentary film to explain the content of his work. It were the first lines spoken in it. 

Constantin Seibt, a Swiss journalist, once said that you should never compromise on your observations. It is your tool, your guarantee to come close to the truth. Although I hate to say it, although I´d like to deny what Parr said in the above statement, he´s right. Maybe the best way to learn to deal with it is to acknowledge it in all its devastating brutality.