On one of the hills of Linz, near the stadium of the premier league soccer club LASK, this small triangle of land attracts each season its share of visitors, although not as much as that highlight on that other hill, the Pöstlingberg, on the other side of the Danube river. As a local arriving in Linz eight years ago, I did not take the time to properly introduce myself, despite the fact that all newcomers were offered free entry tickets for the glass houses and the rolling lanes rounding the botanical beauty. Last week, finally, I had the fortune to spend three days working in the garden on a voluntary base, and I fell in love with this twin-faced gem in the heart of industrial Linz. The groundkeepers planted petunias and fleurs-de-lis, drove wheelbarrows up the broom beds and down the rose gardens. While walking, well-dressed ladies sniffed the whiffs of the wealthy blossom variety, and we were working and sweating with pleasure. Students enjoyed the grass while conquering books and Dandies daydreamed while walking the labyrinth. Altogether, we worked like fraggles to light up the Schönbrunn pilot flame above our heads.