Praying is focussing all your energy towards what is important to you. In fact, that might be all there is to say about this topic.

This noble activity, however, deserves more than just two sentences. Praying is done in silence, sometimes in secrecy, to strengthen the mind to bridge this world and the spiritual world, wherever that might be, in order to get the job done. E.T. phoning home comes quite close to what I mean. Most of all, we call upon someone outside our span of control to assist us, like when we ask to cure cancer of our loved ones. Death and sickness are not always involved, sometimes we pray to score a goal in a soccer game or to find our wedding ring which went missing for several days. Extra power is needed, no matter if that power comes from within or from outside.

Praying requires focus and concentration. You don´t do it while being distracted by the birds flying by. It is a serious business. Normally you already gave all you had before calling for aid. However, not everybody has that labouring attitude towards praying. You know them too, the pious persons babbling preformulated prayers all day without reflecting their content. Pretending to be devoted, they stick near the most visible church pillars and forgot about reality outside. Spiritual completion, in their eyes, means breaking loose from a world not worth caring for. These people fail to see the divine spark in all of us. Praying is asking for help to tackle a problem. It preassumes a motivation to solve something, and this motivation is what makes us human. Praying, in this way, is touching the core of what we are. 

It works the other way around as well. Instead of asking strength for the issues you would like to see resolved, you might start out with nothing. A certain dialogue enrolls, even if you don´t have an idea whom you are speaking to and where the conversation will lead to. Investigating your prayers might give you insight in who you really want to be, what you are after and what your mission in this world is all about. In this sense, we can almost not pray enough.