Dear Bernhard, we finally arrived in Vienna, the most wonderful place in Europe. Never saw a city this clean before. Miss you a lot, Charlotte / Life is great here, the Schönbrunn caste is beautiful, Sissi is very much alive. The garden lanes are endless and the Wiener Schnitzel is lovely. Kisses to the children, Margareth / Dear Maria, wish you could be here, this place suits you, with all the tapestries, mirrors, and golden chandeliers. I´ll bring you some local chocolate to comfort your miss. See you soon, Chris / Dear colleagues, far away from work, no files lying around here in the ballrooms and coffee houses. Schönbrunn is a dream. See you in a few weeks. Regards, Scott / No better place in the world then Vienna. Sun, parks, music and happy people everywhere! Splendor is all over. Warm greetings, Elisabeth / Dear mom and dad, being here in Vienna, I agree with grandfather. Besides Paris, it is the most beautiful town of Europe I saw so far. I am on a tight schedule. Yesterday the art museums, today Schönbrunn, tomorrow the Wachau wine region. Maybe I´ll stay a little longer and skip Budapest instead. Love, Peter / Hi guys, struggling through the tourist masses in a shoddy town. Apart from the Austrian beer, nothing to do here. Party on, Brett / Hello Liz, oooh my god, a dream come true. Felt like a princess when walking the front gate. xxx Daisy / Ralph, come on over. I am staying at the youth hostel in the 8. district (address on the backside). This town is a treasure vault. Forget Berlin. We´ll wait for your arrival or message, Bart and Lien / Dear Karin, heart Mozart at the opera house, admired Klimt at Belvedere, now relaxing in Schönbrunn. Life is good, Rosi / Wooowww, no regret to have chosen Vienna for a city trip. Soooo much beautiful things. Happy to be here, René / Dear Brother, a little too pink, yellow and pastel pasted, this cultural hub for the rich. Looking forward to return to Baltimore in three days. Jack / Dear Gerda, dear Marc, hope you are both fine. We met some nice people in Schönbrunn. The portraits in the envelope give you an idea who´s around. Kisses, Cameron and Betty.