Sir. Sir! Can you take a photo of us? It is really easy. You see the grey dot on the left side of the screen? There, you see it? You have to push there. No, you can not just tapp the screen, you have to push the grey dott. You can do that for us? Great! Wait a minute, I´ll sit like this. Jenny! Come over, come here. Watch out for the dog. Look into the camera, smile. Wait. Sir, can you take this shopping bag with you for a minute? Otherwise my belt is not in the picture. Jenny! We have to sit a bit more straight. Yeah, like this. That´s right. Wait for these kids to pass and then. Now! Now you had to press. Do you have it? Am I on it? Is the background on it too? The blue clock and the winged lion there on the roof? Just snapp some more, five or six. Here, with the background. You have it? Yeah, like that, that should work. Take one more. Thank you. Let me have a look. Yeah, that should do it. Did I have my eyes open? I can not see on the screen. Yeah, normally I always have my eyes open, there is no sun here. Thank you. Can we have a selfie with you too? Jenny, can you take a photo of us? Maybe here, sit down. Jenny, are we on? Sir, you have to bend your head a bit. That´s good. Jenny, are my eyes open? Thank you, sir. You know what? You could be our private mobile photographer today, hé Jenn, isn´that right, he could be our private photographer today. In return for a coffee or two, and some company of two nice ladies, haha. What? Ooohh, what a pitty. Now then, see you later on the Rialto bridge or so.

Instead of spending my day witth these two giggling girls, I pursued the quest for the vertical frame images shown below. Maybe I took the wrong decision. A curious photographer should never drop on a chance to meet new people.