1-picture-story: conspiracy to save the queen – The three girls checked one last time if the royal alarm bells were operational before continuing the plan to save the queen.

2-picture-story: entering the magical world – After Felix had found the secret entrance at Sunflower street, he passed the window that seperated dream from reality. The sweet butterflies would lead the way to the magical back garden of the chocolate factory, just as Rosemary had told him.

3-picture-story: aging in London – When he saw the tower of london for the first time, Wu Suen sensed the exciting beat of unbreakable youth. Time slowly stole his fresh appearance without touching the surface of the delightful city. Wu Suen still walks the block to pick up the rythm of the old days.

4-picture-story: boost – the dazzling hights of the spark gives people the energy to get moving. A slight move, a gentle twist to start a dance. Cars pass past us as we make our way to the various city check points. When we are together, there is no way in stopping us.

5-picture-story: crushed and confused by modern progress – A girl waits for the bus to take her out of this angry place. What is it that crushed her spirit? Four friends gaze at the river Themes and are overwhelmed by nostalgia. Michael resists the media moulding on picadelly circus. Are they still able to leave this coca cola city unharmed? Cheap beer and heavy metal knocked out a group of youngsters in front of the tower. The dungeons are the next exit station. 

6-picture-story: looking out – tuning in – Even grandmother is catching up with mobile technology to tune in. She noticed the street artists along the road, people who have the power to direct attention and suck kids out of their buggy vehicle. I try to locate where we are, try to make sure we don´t get lost. Me to my wife: Honny, I think we are in the middle of the rose garden, in the middle of middle class England. She does not like this kind of shows. I am not sure yet. If the kids strike, we better get on the outlook to detect distraction. If none is found, being at the streets of London might turn out to be the most tiring experience ever.